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What is Minimally Invasive Surgery (MIS)?

Dr. Anthony Yi has undergone additional advanced specialized training in minimally invasive surgery (MIS) of the foot and ankle under leaders in the field. He is committed to making these novel, safe, and effective techniques available to patients. MIS involves the use of special instruments that allow the surgeon to perform surgery through small incisions (often as small as a few millimeters). He offers less invasive and minimally invasive surgery that offers many advantages while still having the same (or better) results compared to more traditional, more invasive techniques.

Dr. Anthony Yi talks briefly about minimally invasive surgery.

Dr. Anthony Yi gives a full webinar on minimally invasive surgery.

Advantages of MIS


    Small incisions (as small as a few millimeters).


    More gentle to your skin and cosmetically pleasing.


    Less bleeding and infections.


    Smaller incisions mean faster recovery.


    Also can decrease the amount of pain medications you take after surgery.


    Start putting weight down on your leg as early as the day after surgery.

Examples of MIS

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MIS Severe Deformity Correction

Minimally invasive surgery allows for powerful correction of severe deformities.

  • MIS Severe Deformity Correction1
    Before MIS deformity correction

    An example of a complex foot deformity (severe bunion, hammertoes, and metatarsus adductus) (left) before MIS correction.

  • MIS Severe Deformity Correction2
    After MIS deformity correction

    After MIS correction of complex forefoot deformity.

  • Minimally invasive surgery allows for correction of deformities through small incisions.

  • MIS Severe Deformity Correction4
    Powerful correction through minimal incisions

    An example of the small incisions (a few millimeters) used to correct a bunion. The red arrows point to the 3 small incisions used for MIS bunion correction.

  • Minimally invasive surgery allows for repair of traumatic injuries through small incisions.
  • MIS Severe Deformity Correction3
    Fix injuries through minimal incisions

    An example of a small incision (~3 cm) used to repair an Achilles tendon tear.
    In contrast, traditional techniques involve the use of a several inch long incision.

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